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System Development

We develop systems with a non-trivial internal architecture and successfully implement complex projects, including projects with business logic.

Operation Principles

Joint definition of a task, method of its solution and project limits

It appears very often that we can offer a better solution of a customer's problem than the solution the customer can offer.

Step-by-step iterative development with meeting of deadlines

International practices of IT projects shows that it is impossible to develop detailed requirements specification for entire project, because requirements are changed during the implementation of a project.

We divide a project into logical stages and modify tasks for the following stages during the implementation of a project. We demonstrate intermediate results to a customer.

Payment for completed stages of a project only

We calculate the costs of a project and its stages prior to the beginning of the project.

A customer pays for the completed work only.

Lifetime support

If we promise that the system is functioning, it is functioning.

We keep our word and if an error is detected in the system then we fix it with no extra cost and without bureaucracy.

Our Advantages

Expertise and specialization

We specialize in systems with complex internal logic.

We are able to develop system architecture, high-loaded and distributed systems.

We do not design web sites and online stores, we do not set up or maintain office equipment.

We are interested in challenging tasks.


We carefully select the tools that will be used for solving a customer's tasks to the best advantage, taking into consideration characteristic aspects of the customer’s business.

We do not propose new untested technologies for projects, but we try to keep our tools at the cutting edge of industrial development.

We observe balance: tools have to solve problems of a customer in the most effective way, without creating difficulties.


We recruit new employees very attentively and then take good care of them, and also boost their professional advancement.

Advantages of Outsourcing

We are ready to cooperate under various conditions, but, as a rule, our customers prefer outsourcing. The reasons of this are as follows:

You get a team of experts that work well together

There is lack of personnel in the IT industry.

Building a team of experts with evaluation of their occupational fitness is a long-term process, and even professionals in a team already built still should adapt to each other.

Outsourcing saves time.

Development and support are different activities

When developing a system it is necessary to design architecture taking into account possible changes of requirements in the future.

So, it saves on expenses for modification in case you decide to refuse our services, and it won't be necessary to start a project from a scratch when new requirements appear.

Outsourcing saves money.

Fixed schedule and project results

Work with an external contractor disciplines both a customer, and a contractor.

You deal with the matters that are of your concern only. Details of project management are processed inside our company.

At the proper time, you think about what you want to get. At the proper time, we demonstrate results, providing proper quality.

Outsourcing improves project quality and manageability.


We select technologies by the following criteria:

— Compliance with a customer's task

— Development speed

— Stability and reliability

— Progressive advance

Essential tools

These are the basic tools we use.

In addition to the tools mentioned above, we also use a variety of other tools and technologies. Please contact us to discuss more details.


UserDB – User Metadata Storage Service (for LG SmartBox cloud data storage)

Customer: LG Electronics

Kernel development for the LG Electronics SmartBox cloud data storage (analog of the iCloud remote data storage, synchronization and processing system).

Radio Broadcasting Monitoring System

This system traces musical tracks and advertisements in radio broadcasts.
Main features
  • Real-time tracking of advertisement and musical track airing;
  • Finding out when a track or advertising bit is not fully aired: the beginning or end is cut off, a track is interrupted;
  • Collecting statistics about aired advertising bits and tracks – length, air time, block position, number of times aired a day for each radio station, etc.;
  • On bases of the assignable data it will be possible to make any reports;
  • Actual confirmation (through playback) that advertising bits and tracks are aired at the specified time.

САПОГ — Система автоматизации процессов оказания госуслуг

Система осуществляет управление процессами оказания госуслуг, а также взаимодействие с Единым порталом госуслуг и другими системами посредством СМЭВ (Системы Межведомственного Электронного Документооборота).

Использовалась совместно с компанией ЛАНИТ для разработки и внедрения следующих ИС:

Типовое решение АИС ЛОД — система лицензирования отдельных видов деятельности

Проекты на основе решения:

— Решение по лицензированию отдельных видов деятельности для МЧС.

— Решение по лицензированию деятельности в области гидрометеорологии и смежных с ней областях для Росгидромет.

Модули «Автоматизация процесса предоставления услуг» и «Реестры и регистры», входящие в состав подсистемы «Единый интерактивный портал СГИО СХ» (Системы государственного информационного обеспечения в сфере сельского хозяйства)

Информационная Система Планирования и Контроля Госпрограммы (ИС ПК ГП)

Customer: LANIT

Результаты работы системы предназначены для применения в практической деятельности по планированию и контролю исполнения мероприятий и показателей Государственной программы сотрудников Департамента экономики и финансов, других департаментов Минсельхоза, а также органов управления, ответственных за реализацию Госпрограммы в субъектах Российской Федерации.

Информационная система организации управленческой деятельности

Customer: LANIT

Сервис обеспечивает организацию взаимодействия участников территориально-распределенных рабочих групп. Пользователями системы являются руководители и специалисты Департамента топливно-энергетического хозяйства, ГБУ «Энергетика», других государственных заказчиков Программы энергосбережения (департаментов, префектур города Москвы), подведомственных предприятий и организаций.

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